Our DIY trip to Baguio // Part I

I know, I know. It’s long overdue. Four months to be exact! But I just wanted to share our DIY trip last May 14-16 @Baguio, and where Richard proposed to me. All those details including the kilig will be in this post. Hehehe

Enjoy! 💗 

Me and Richard planned this trip way way back. It was during my second (last) semester to be exact. Around December 2015, we thought to have a little trip out of town to celebrate my graduation and also a post anniversary celebration as well. Since we were LDR back then and didn’t celebrate our anniversary which was on February and I was still finishing up my last semester in Uni and he was back in Brunei working. #LDRProbs 

So it literally look us months because there were so many places to choose from. I wanted to go to Palawan, Batangas, Davao but I thought why not Baguio? I’ve been hearing a lot of things about Baguio and how great it is and Richard has actually been there before, and guess when! Back when he graduated in college he and his family went there as a graduation gift to him! So me and Richard thought that I should have the same thing as he did. 

Finding a Hotel

Finding a hotel was kinda a challenge since the only option we had to find one was online. So we were dependent on Google. We saw a lot of hotels that were nice and looks so comfy but one they might be too pricey or didn’t fit the budget. Second, if it did fit the budget, the hotel wasn’t near the vicinity of the tourist spots. Until we opted for, Baguio Holiday Villas. You can check them out here:http://www.baguioholidayvillas.com.ph/

We stayed there for 3 days and 2 nights, we also had free breakfast every morning.


We did a little reseach of the places we wanted to go and how to get there, how to go back to the hotel and everything. Which I can say is very important especially in going on a trip somewhere. If you don’t follow the exact itinerary, at least you have a guide. 

Like what we did, we had a detailed itinerary. But we didn’t exactly followed it. It served as a guide of the places that we needed to go to, so we don’t miss anything  especially if there are a lot of tourists spots in one area. 


We took the Victory Liner bus going to Baguio specifically the bus terminal at Pasay. And also we opted for the First Class Bus which costs only 750pesos! It was amazing because you get enough legroom plus free water bottle and snacks. And even a charming attendant on board especially with their cute uniform. 😄 

Oh and BTW we bought our tickets 3 days before our actual trip to Baguio because we were scared it might get fullybooked which we were right about, because our inital plan of leaving Manila at around midnight didn’t push through because all schedule going to Baguio from midnight up till 5am were fully booked. So we got the 6am schedule instead. 

Day One


We woke up pretty late at the morning of May 14 because we slept in! Hah! Because the night before we had a little session with one of Richard’s old buddy and we went home a little late and went to bed at around morning already since we had to pack our bags too. Hehehe. 

We woke up at 5:30am and our schedule was at 6am. It was crazy. Everything was just so crazy that morning and it was our monthsary as well! Hahaha we didnt had time to greet each other. We rushed and took Grab asap. We arrived at Victory Liner just in time, it was around 6:10am. And fortunely the bus was just being pulled over so the passengers could board. Whew! 

When me and Richard finally got on the bus, we looked at each other and laughed so hard on how funny we started the day. We were still a little light headed since we literally just woke up a few minutes ago! Hahaha then a little later the bus left and off to Baguio. 

Baguio Bound

Our trip took us about 6 hours. There were no stop overs since our bus was first class, there was a lavatory inside the bus. 

We arrived at the terminal just in time for lunch at 12pm. We were so hungry, we decided to have KFC which was inside the bus terminal. 

Going down the bus, I immediately felt the cold breeze which was so cool. Hehehe. Especially for me since it was my first time. I felt so giddy and excited. 

After we had lunch, we went to the front of the terminal and took a cab to reach our hotel.

When we reached the hotel, we checked in. The receptionist there are so friendly tbh. We got to the hotel, settled for a bit and decided where to go first and packed a smaller bag to bring along. 

Tree Top Adventure-Camp John Hay-Cemetery of Negativism-Bell House

First on our list was the Tree Top Adventure. We took a cab going here. I don’t remember how the fares cost anymore since it was months ago. But I’m sure they costs less than a hundred pesos. 

In the tree top adventure I actually had a little melt down sesh because I was so excited to try all of the adventurous activities but we were only able to do one thing. I wanted to zipline and all those thrills. But I couldn’t. Since the ropes and harness wasn’t big enough to fit my waist. And I thought I can’t believe this is the first place we went to and I couldn’t enjoy it since I’m too big for it. And Richard also wanted to zipline and everything but he didn’t wanna do it without me. I really thought it was really gonna ruin the trip. Thank God Richard was there to wipe my tears away and hold my hand. We still went inside but we only rode one ride the cable car thing. Not sure what its called. Hahaha. A little later after a no conversation with anyone. While we were seated to wait to ride the cable car, Richard made me laugh and the adventure continued. 

After exploring the Tree Top for a little while and walking around we left the place and went to Camp John Hay, Cemetery of Negativism and the Bell House. 

We just took some videos here and there for our little video after. If you haven’t seen it. Its here; https://vimeo.com/169707049 which is also my engagement video. Hehehehe

Korean Dinner 

To cap off our first night at the Summer Capital,  Richard and I opted for a Korean dinner that was a block away from our hotel. We had Unlimited Korean BBQ which was so gooooooooood. And we also ordered some soju to celebrate our monthsary  

First day at Baguio was filled with fun, laugher and even some tears. But, it felt so good to sit down with your S.O. and talk about the day you had with a shot of soju and munch on the goodness of the Korean BBQ. Life is good. 

(Baguio Day Two next post)


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