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Why I don’t wear a bra


It’s been a month now since I’d completely stop wearing bras (with the exception of sports bra) and I feel really good. So this post will revolve all about the reasons for this decision. What inspired me to push this and what’s my stance on it. You may or may not agree with what I will say but I wish you’d just be at least open to the idea of it. The world is changing and we must adapt to the changes because that’s how life is. So here it goes…

One of the reasons for my decision is that it’s uncomfortable. No, I don’t wear bras that are too small or too big for me. They’re just really uncomfortable. Throughout the day while I’m at the office, it makes me feel super uneasy sitting there and doing work with this annoying and suffocating-feeling. I know some of you might say, hindi ka na ba nasanay or you’ve got to be used to wearing a bra by now! Yeah right, because I’ve been wearing bras since I was around 12 or 13 years olf which makes it around 10-11 years? Well nope, I’m not used to it.

Secondly, back then I didn’t really have a choice. It was somehow mandatory before. Of course with school and college, it seemed to be what people call as normal. But growing up and becoming an adult, I somehow realized that the things we do are because of what people expect us to do and as a result, we just follow them to please them. I’m so sick of the fact that we do certain things because that’s what everyone is doing. Life is about the choices we make and that’s what makes life so wonderful. But how can we have a colourful life, when we’re just following what the other people are doing?

The third reason is health. I want to take care of my boobs, they’re very important to me and as a woman, it’s one of our assets. According to certain research, bras provide no benefits to the boobs in general and may also be harmful over time especially due to the underwire and push-ups foams used. Breasts are actually great things, they can handle themselves on their own because they have their own muscles to carry themselves. And with bras, boobs become independent to it and the boob muscles have no sense anymore which in the long run, can result to saggy boobs. So the purpose of going braless is to let the muscles do their job.

The fourth reason is bras are overrated. Through the years, it has evolved as a fashion to women. Drastic developments have been done to bras, with push-ups, bling-bling and all that. It’s clearly too much. And that could also be blamed on advertising (yes, it’s contradicting to my line of work) because over the years they’ve created an image that bras are an accessory and not as a need. Media has certainly played a big role in changing the perspective of people which is kind of disappointing especially to be part of this industry. In which I am also blessed to be part of this industry because it gives me the opportunity to have a say in it other than just keeping it to myself.

These are just some of my reasons and it may have no sense to some but it’s important to me. Boobs are part of our bodies, whether you’re a man or a woman. It’s just like our arms, legs, toes or fingers. They’re there, they exist and we all have them. So why are we so afraid to be comfortable around them? I want you to be comfortable with yourself. I’m not saying that you should also follow me and not wear a bra. But I encourage you to be who you are and follow what you want to be. Not generally with wearing a bra but with your life. My decision for not wearing a bra is just one step of the bigger picture. It’s time you did something you want and for yourself.



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